Education Support Project – White Boards @ Akute Grammar School.

Education Support Project – White Boards @ Akute Grammar School


Project Name and Date: Education Support Project – White Board. 09/01/2011
Project Beneficiary: Akute Grammar School, Ogun State, Nigeria
Project Status: Completed
School Population:
1,100 students. (JSS1-136, JSS2-174, JSS3-158, SSS1-204, SSS2-230, SSS3-198)
Project Description: The school has a total of 32 classrooms and that makes 32 whiteboards needed. Millions4One decided to provide magnetic white boards to the senior classrooms only – Fourteen (14) (8ft X 6ft) including fourteen (14) dusters and fourteen (14) packs of markers (12 markers per pack). According to our conservative estimation, the markers provided will last for three (3) months but the School Committee have committed to continually provide markers and this does not increase their budget by any significant amount.
Impact: Every Friday, before the intervention of Millions4One the students spend 1-2 hours scouting around for charcoal that will be used to keep the current blackboards black. Many of the current boards are barely dark enough for a white chalk to be seen a few feet away. Using chalks in classrooms also leave powdery particles behind which makes the classroom very untidy and increases occurrence of allergies. Whiteboards provides for effective and more productive learning. We installed white boards in the senior classes, covering a total of 632 students per school year. We expect the boards to last a minimum of 7 years with proper maintenance, so after 7 years we would have made learning easier for four thousand, four hundred and twenty-four (4424) students.
Installing whiteboards in senior classes only also serves as a challenge to the students in junior classes, they get to strive and look forward to being in senior classes where they can use whiteboards which they considered “cooler” and “new –age”.