First Aid.

First Aid

Millions4One provided First Aid boxes to several schools in aiding the health/educational development of their immediate society. This was greatly applauded and executed to be of general use in sports, play and day-to-day student life.

Impact: Each school comprised of about 500 students which put a need to support schools with more and efficiently managed.   The First Aid Boxes were locally made in Nigeria, both to cut cost and to support local business which was made from a replica imported standardized box. The tweak to ours was that we needed them made from weather-proof materials for the environment in order to last long enough. These were also branded with the m4one logo and locked with a key. On completion, we installed them securely in respective schools with the contents, a manual (to educate the user) and a log book to notate the use and account for the resources adequately.  Each box is produced at an average rate of 14,000 Naira (contents included), about $80 – $100 per box to reach those many students. This is huge for the schools that either have none or beat down, unmanaged facility in the time of emergency. They will be able to be more secure in their play times and a direct impact on improving their social skills.

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