ESP–Blackboard Paints @ Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan Oyo State.

ESP–Blackboard Paints @ Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan Oyo State


Project Name and Date: Education Support Project –Blackboard Paints.  04/18/2012

Project Beneficiary: Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria

Project Status: Completed

School Population/ # of Classrooms: 14 classrooms

Project Description: Millions4One provided 10 cans of chalk=board paint (867mL each). A total of fourteen (14) classrooms were painted.

Impact: The current chalkboards in these classrooms were just charcoal rubbed on a flat cement surface. By using white chalks to write over these boards, they fade out and it makes reading from even a few feet away very challenging. In order to keep the boards dark, the students spends 1- 2 hours weekly scouting around for coal and applying the coal on the boards.

The specialized chalk board paints provided by Millions4One, once applied, will eliminate the need for charcoal and intense work refreshing the board. The board can be refreshed within 10 minutes. Only soap, water and cloth is needed to keep the boards dark. The 1-2 hours time saved by the students can be used additional studying. More learning hours will help greatly in improving the students’ grades.


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