Education Support Project – School Uniforms Badagry Lagos State.

Education Support Project – School Uniforms Badagry Lagos State


Project Beneficiaries: Anglican Primary School Ilogbo Eremi and Zunve Primary School, Badagry Lagos State, Nigeria
Project Status: Completed
School Population:
Project Description: Millions4One provided school uniforms to One hundred (100) students from two (2) schools. Fifty (50) students from each school.
Impact: These schools are located in Badagry area, many miles away from Lagos city. Many of the students come to school in torn uniforms while some do not even have uniforms at all. With holes and patches in their uniforms, the students are very self-conscious, wondering if any part of their body is exposed or if anyone is staring at them. This distracts them from focusing in class and this impacts their grades negatively. School attendance also suffer as some students would rather skip school totally to avoid being picked on.
The school uniforms provided by Millions4One will boost the students’ confidence, they will be able to pay attention in class and also attend school more. All these have the potential to improve students’ grades.