ESP – Writing Notebooks & Backpacks at Bright Elementary Anambra State.

ESP – Writing Notebooks & Backpacks at Bright Elementary Anambra State


Project Name and Date: Education Support Project – Backpacks and Writing Books.  02/08/2011
Project Beneficiary: Bright Elementary School, Oba Idemili South LGA Anambra State, Nigeria
Project Cost /Status: $1312.90 (NGN 196,800)/Completed
School Population: 325 students.
Project Description: Millions4One provided 1950 writing notebooks, 325 backpacks, pens, pencils and erasers to all the 325 students in the school. Each student received a backpack, 6 writing notebooks, 1 pen, 1 pencil and 1 eraser.
Impact: Bright Elementary School is located in Oba, a couple hundred miles from the state capital. At the beginning of each term (semester), each student needs 8-10 writing notebooks. Each writing notebook costs an average of 50 naira, that’s a total of 400 Naira ($2.7) per student. This is a huge amount for the parents who live way below the poverty level. Many of the students carry their beat-up books in plastic bags; the parents cannot afford to buy them backpacks.
The writing notebooks and backpacks provided to the students will help them in their studies. They will be able to take more notes in class and have books to document their homework. This will definitely improve their grades.

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