Submit A Project.

We are a grassroot organization and we strongly believe that our projects must make direct impact. We believe one of the best ways to achieve this is by accepting requests from folks on the ground, people who see and are sometimes part of what’s happening.

We have been doing projects in Nigerian schools over the last 7 years. Some of these projects were done in partnership with NYSC members (Youth Corpers) serving in Ekiti, Benue and Enugu states as part of their MDG (Millenium Development Goals) projects. These Youth Corpers reached out to us and together, we were able to do something amazing for the students and schools.

This year, we are expanding this initiative to a few projects,so if you are a Youth Corper, serving in a community/school that you think can benefit from something like this, fill the form below
Please note the following:
  • Millions4One does give money to anyone. If the project is to provide 100 textbooks to a schools, we will get the books and provide them to you.
  • Our work is only in the area of education, so these projects must be in the area of education and must address a real need (solve a real problem)
  • You must be ready to facilitate lines of communication with schools Principals or communities leaders
  • The project must make a meaningful impact, we do not believe in waste of time and money
  • Be ready to provide, a report, pictures and videos at the end of the project
 Your Passion and Time + Our Expertise and Funding = A highly impacting project
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