Who We Are.


Millions4One, a 501c(3) organization uses the power of volunteerism and collaborative work to solve socio-economic problems by engaging in charitable activities, providing much needed supplies to schools and students and developing academic programs. Our work takes place in various communities in Nigeria and Africa. Volunteerism, selflessness and transparency are the core values of the Millions4One team.Our strength lies in our faith, sense of purpose and belief that working together, we all can make a difference.

Brief History

The idea started from recognizing the potential in volunteerism and how much it can do for Africa’s development. Millions4One was started by a group of volunteers in September 2009 but the organization did not begin its operations until April 2010.

Meet Our Team

Our Strategy

  • Volunteerism

    Millions4one strongly believes in act of volunteerism and selflessness. We are deeply rooted in this; hence the operations of the organization are done by volunteers who give their time and talents. As the name of the organization suggests, millions of us standing together for one purpose – to make impact.

  • Transparent Giving

    We  don’t want our donors to feel like they are dropping money into a sink hole so after each donation, our donors receive an email letting them know to what project their donation was applied. In addition, displayed boldly on our homepage is the total amount given to Millions4One till date. Lastly, the total cost of executing a project is displayed on the project’s page.

  • Members involvement

    Millions4One greatly believes in the possibilities that lie in the network of our volunteers. Members’ ideas and comments are captured through email and our Facebook page and a feedback system on our website.  Actually, via email and other means we plan to have a medium where members will be able to register their vote on ideas or decisions. That’s not all, members and non-members can suggest to us what projects to work on. How cool is that?

  • Low overhead costs

    Through our generous volunteers who give their time and talents, operational costs of millions4One have been greatly reduced. In fact, in 2011 86% of your donation goes to actual projects and we are shooting for 100% in the next five years. We believe a lot of things can be open-sourced and we are doing what we can to take advantage of that. Also, we believe there are more than one way to get to a solution so we continue to challenge ourselves to find the most economical and most effective.

  • Partnership

    We know there are many organizations that are already doing great things and we are very much ready to partner with them and support them in any way possible. Though we do not believe in re-inventing the wheel but we also believe that for as much good as people have done, there is still much more to be done.