Our Team.

Board Members – Team #rocksquad

  • Tes Akinsipe – President

    Tes has been a member of Millions4One since 2010. Before this position, Tes volunteered as Project Team Lead for Millions4One working closely with the team in Nigeria. Tes works in IT for a financial services company. He is passionate about education, social good and technology. He is great supporter of crowd sourcing – crowd funding, crowd-source designs, crowd searching, and crowd voting.
    What you love most about M4ONE: “I love the opportunity to make real impact. I really love the people; they are cool, fun to work with and never shy away from challenges” – Tes


    Twitter: @tesleema     |     Email: [email protected]

  • Bisi Gbajumo – Vice President

    Olabisi Gbajumo has served as the organizations secretary in the past. She has been a member of the organization since 2010. Bisi currently works as a senior accountant for a global energy firm and has experience in the financial services industry. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. She earned her BSC and MBA from Wilberforce and Georgia Southern University respectively and is a prospective CPA.  Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote — ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ is what she lives by every day.
    What you love most about M4ONE:“I love the volunteers/members who take time out of their busy schedules to make an impact while having fun. I also love how we challenge ourselves to be better and more optimistic” – Bisi

    Instagram: @bicigi     |     Email:[email protected]

  • Bunmi Fatodu – Secretary

    Bunmi has been a member of Millions4One since 2011 during which time she has served on both the membership committee and event planning committee. Bunmi currently works in research for a downstream oil and gas company. She is passionate about children’s health and education and believes that every child is unique and should be given a chance regardless of surrounding and circumstances. She is a DIY (do it yourself) master – “Juliana of all trades”, a fun chaser and a reader of all things Chimamanda Adichie.
    What you love most about M4ONE:“I love the impact we make in the kids’ lives, the smiles on their faces as we deliver to them writing notebooks or backpacks brings joy to my heart. Also, the people at Millions4one are passionate and are all business when it comes to the organization goals” – Bunmi
    Twitter: @Omidan_Bummie     |     Email: [email protected]
  • Kanyin Olubuyide – Treasurer

    Kanyin has been a member of Millions4One since 2011. Prior to assuming this position, Kanyin volunteered on sub-committees within Millions4One. Kanyin currently works in IT for a Fortune 20 company that specializes in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products. She is passionate about education, gender equity, and the advancement of the African woman.  In her spare time, she is a #GladiatorInSuit, a #Fixer, and goes around ensuring that #ItIsHandled.
    What you love most about M4ONE: “I enjoy working side by side with people who share a common goal and an earnest passion of providing advancement opportunities for the less privileged. I strongly believe the “each one, teach one” principle. Global change doesn’t just happen spontaneously, it happens organically, one person at a time” – Kanyin
    Twitter: @iKanyin     |     Email: [email protected]

  • Bukola Olaoye – Advisor

    Bukola has been an incubating member of the organization and then functional member since 2010 and He is also the Project Team Lead. Bukola does take on special assignments as needed. He tags himself as the CM of the organization a.k.a. “Chief Messenger”. Prior to assuming the Advisor role, he served as President of the organization for two years. Bukola works at an investment firm and he also has experience working at a non-profit organization in Nigeria through which he was able to work with orphanages, less privileged kids and schools. Bukola loves writing and speaking engagements when he has the opportunity. He believes the world is a marketplace and SACRIFICE is its reward.
    What you love most about M4ONE: “The people, the culture, the dream” – Bukola
    Email: [email protected]