Flagship Project – Project EXCEL

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Problem Statement: WASSCE, organized by WAEC is the final standardized examination for the senior secondary students across Anglophone West African States. It is a foremost examination that provides an assessment of a student’s grasp of high school course materials and the readiness of such a student for an advanced learning in the tertiary education system. NECO is the Nigerian version of the examination. It is regulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and acceptable by all the tertiary institutions across Nigeria.
The 2012 WAEC exams were held between April 2nd – May 17, the result may be out by July 24th and General Council Examinations GCE an alternative to WAEC is between August 27 and September 6
The success rate of students at WAEC examinations have been all but encouraging. The percentages of candidates that passed English and Mathematics from 2005 to 2011 are; 27.53% (2005), 15.56% (2006), 25.54% (2007), 13.76% (2008), 25.99% (2009), 20.04% (2010) and 38.93% (2011) – (source www.allafrica.com).

Project Description:
Program: Project EXCEL is an after-school program to provide tutoring to SS3 students and prepare them for 2013 May/June WAEC. The main purpose of this pilot program is to improve the performance of these students in WAEC/NECO examinations.
Criteria for choosing the host school:
A host school in the area, the host school must be within 5 miles or 2 bus rides (connections) of selected participating schools. Students and their parents would be responsible for transportation to and from the host school.
● Schools with facilities needed – good chairs and tables,
● Writeable blackboards (or whiteboards)
● Easily accessible and safe for students

Host School – Selected:
Akute Grammar School, Akute Ogun State (very close to Ojodu neighborhood of Lagos State). This school is close to participating schools, secure with fence and windows for each classroom. The school has almost 30 classrooms with whiteboards installed (14 was actually installed by Millions4One)
Criteria for choosing participating schools:
Three schools in the inner-city areas will be chosen. The criteria for selecting such schools would be based on: number of senior students eligible for WAEC, infrastructural state of the school, socioeconomic status of the area.
The schools must provide previous WAEC results for 5 years, this will be used as part of measurement of the success of our program
Participating Schools:
1. Akute grammar school, Akute Ogun State (Host School)
2. Ajuwon high school Ajuwon, Ogun State
3. Olambe Community High School, Ogun State

Students & Teachers Selection Criteria

Criteria for choosing students
● Only SS3 students from the shortlisted schools are eligible to participate.
● Our goal is to select students who are less privileged. We are interested in empowering and preparing such students for the tasks involved in order to increase their chance of success. This ensures that they match up with their counterparts who could otherwise afford preparatory/tutorial classes. (15 weighted points)
● Students must currently have 80% attendance rate (40 weighted points)
● Student questionnaire completed by their teachers. The questions ranges from financial hardship to students aptitude to learn. (25 weighted points)
● The last 2 semesters’(terms’) results for the interviewees will be requested from the schools will be perused by M4ONE. This will help identify students that are ready to learn and have shown great efforts in the past (10 weighted points)
● Interview will be conducted for the pre-selected students by M4ONE Nigeria Team Lead (10 weighted points)

Criteria for choosing teachers
● University degree, HND or NCE required. OND with 2-year minimum teaching experience
● Commitment to Project’s objectives and class schedules
● Demonstrate-able ability to teach a subject and motivate students.
Names of teachers: On file. Teachers were hand picked from both participating and nonparticipating schools including both public and private schools
Program Size
100 students will be chosen participate in this pilot program.
○ 60 Science Students
○ 40 Arts or Commercial Students
Subjects covered
Mathematics, English , Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Government*, Economics* , Accounting* and Literature* ( * means subject to budget)

● Non – Holiday Schedule (Three (3) times per week )
○ Thursday, Friday and Saturday
○ 4-6PM* (Thursday and Friday) and 12-2PM (Saturday)
○ See full timetable here
● Holiday Schedule
○ Thursday, Friday and Saturday
○ 11AM – 3PM

All students and teachers must sign in on each day of tutoring. An attendance sheet will be created and kept by the local M4ONE Nigeria volunteer.
● A Millions4One volunteer must be present on each lecture day to assess the teachers, students and identify areas of improvement for the program.
● Millions4One Project team (US) and Millions4One Nigeria team will randomly call the students for feedback on the training
● Student and teachers attendance sheets will be emailed to Millions4One Project team (US) on a weekly basis if possible and monthly basis

Three mock exams will be conducted (every 3 months) and areas of improvement will be addressed.
Parents or Guardian of eligible students must sign a waiver form absolving Millions4One of any responsibilities.

Materials and resources
● A secure, controlled location with 5 classrooms
● 100 chairs and desks and writeable blackboard.
● A writeable blackboard or whiteboard
● Textbooks
● Past WAEC questions
● Exercise books for note-taking

Forms and Documentation
● Attendance sheet . Click here
● Waiver form/ consent letter to parents of chosen students. Click here
● Teacher Data and Agreement engagement form . Click here
● Teacher Questionnaire. Click here
● Consent letter sent to host school and LGA. Click here