Here we go!!!

Posted on May 11, 2011 · Posted in Blog

Phone calls,emails, text messages, conference calls….IMs…so much ground-work and foot-work,  M4One volunteers are very excited that our very first project is on the way in Lagos, Nigeria.  Millions4one is partnering with to donate 100 uniforms for school children. Amazing Educare has donated over 1000 school uniforms to schools all over Nigeria. Amazing Educare is currently making the 100 schools uniforms and by the end of this summer,a total of 100 kids in 3 different schools in Lagos state will be having a make-over thanks to donation from the founding members of M4One. Millions4One team saw what the kids’ current uniforms look like and we just knew things got to change, these kids got to wake up every morning, put on clean uniforms and hold their heads up high and be ready to face another day that is filled with enough challenges already. So M4One donors and volunteers are working to make sure clean school uniforms is one less thing that the kids need to worry about. It  costs $11.33 per school kid. So one child at a time, one community at a time, together, all of us will keep giving hope, making impact. Here we go…..