Get involved

Posted on May 24, 2010 · Posted in Blog

Lack of basic amenities like safe drinking water, lack of adequate healthcare, and hunger in Africa seem like problems that are too complex to solve. Right? Not really, with millions of us standing together and working together we can solve these problems one meal at a time, one life at a time and bring hope to many.
Please get involved in one of the following ways:

  1. REGISTER: You can join us by registering on our www.millions4one.org.
  2. DONATE: You can also get involved by making a one-time or monthly recurring donation through Paypal. Any amount is greatly appreciated. In the coming months, we will be offering a way to make non-cash donations.
  3. SHARE: Millions4one strongly believe in the power of everyday people coming together to make impact, hence the more people know and join millions4one, the stronger we get. Every new volunteer, every new donor brings new hope and dreams. Discuss it with your friends, tweet it, share it on Facebook. Please help us share the word.
  4. VOLUNTEER: Please give your skills, time, ideas and talents. Currently, all members of staff of Millions4one are volunteers. Your talents are invaluable to us. Please visit and let us know how you may help.

Image Credit: Olive Juice