Dotting all the i’s and crossing all t’s

Posted on March 10, 2011 · Posted in Blog

I must say that, personally, I am amazed about the financial support and words of encouragement that I receive each time I talk to people about what we are trying to do at millions4one, how we are trying to make a difference. If you are still scratching your head, trynna figure out what is millions4one. Millions4one is a grassroot movement that is creating a platform for everyday people to come together and do amazing things for the less privileged in this world.

Almost a year ago, an idea came and quickly I called a few of my friends and shared the idea with them. Each one of them was interested and is still interested. So we all got together, decided we are all gonna get a second job to raise money to get the organization off the ground (am just kidding, we didn’t take an extra job).

Slowly, but surely that idea is becoming a reality. In the next few weeks we will be completing our very first project in Nigeria (Yeah!!!) and right after that project we will be rolling out our website(www.something.something) ssshiiiish….I have not be authorized to give the website name…(but am sure you can figure it out..wink wink)

Trying to roll out a brand new organization and a website, I learnt that it’s really difficult to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, not an easy task at all. So we will definitely be rolling out the website right after first project in a few weeks and you can call it a beta version, if you will.

And did I mention this is my very first blog post? Yep, am very brand new here, am liking it though. Through this blog, Millions4one plans to have a close engagement with it’s donors and volunteers. Here, we plan to have a 2-way conversation, where we tell you reason behind a lotta things we do and how we do them and we definitely also want to get your brilliant ideas. We are not scared to admit we don’t know all the answers, many of the brightest ideas will come from you. So we are very much open to suggestions.

We are just getting started, we believe with your help, together we can change the world one life at time.


Image Credit: Ciril